Born in New York, Kirstie has used artwork to express herself from a young age. She has gained widespread recognition throughout art collectors across the United States, performing as a live painter, and displaying work in galleries throughout the country.

Kirstie’s artwork explores a blend of fantasy and realism. As an acrylic painter, her diverse portfolio consists of subjects such as portraiture, landscape, and realism. Based out of Colorado she takes vast inspiration from nature and enjoys taking her work in a whimsical and magical direction within everyday landscapes.

She expresses deep and profound emotions throughout the expansive portraiture she creates. In all of her work, she paints with with dreamy color palettes of pastel colors, while also sustaining vibrant contrast in all elements of her work.

In the Summer of 2019, she began on her path of becoming a full time artist, spreading her artwork throughout the East Coast in efforts to make an impact on everyone she met. She has sold her artwork at local charity events, sidewalk sales, craft fairs, and festivals. In addition, she has live painted at festivals such as Resonance, Camp Bisco, Yonderville, and Bonnaroo, just to name a few. She has also live painted for artists such as Ott, Clozee, Zebbler Encanti Experience, and Tipper. As a live painter, Kirstie serves to be a portal of imagination spreading light on a more whimsical perspective to nature.

Currently, Kirstie is working to build her mural portfolio and enjoys creating large scale public and private artwork to be enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences.